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10000 LIONS


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Since the building of india’s first Sound System in 2015, 10000 Lions have been a big part of Goa Sunsplash, South Asia’s major reggae festival, curated and powered the last 4 years of the reggae stage at india’s largest multi genre festival Vh1 Supersonic, played for 2500 disabled children on the international day for children with disabilities at Baan Kalyan Sansta in Pune to name a few of their achievements. They also introduced this music and culture to places where they never had heard it before like Mumbai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh, Manila, Pushkar, Rishikesh and endless of regular dances on the Goan beaches. 10000 Lions have also played internationally places like Spain, Sweden, Italy, England, Australia, Nepal and Thailand. Musically traveling across all reggae eras, 10000 Lions atmospheric selection is wide and deep, going from early roots to rockers, 80’s, 90’s, Uk dub and steppas, with their own productions, exclusive tunes and dub plates. They are the current market leaders on Uk dub with Indian influencer such as sitar, sarenge, hindi and Sanskrit vocals, morchang ( mouth harp ), Indian percussions, bansuri flute and much more! Both members of the project have dedicated their lives to reggae and produces music separately and also together, which ensures a very dynamic and highly unique collection of music. Ninjadread is the selector, hypeman and mc and Petah Sunday plays trumpet, flutes, saxophone, sings and mcd in their shows. 10000 Lions live-show is a unique experience filled with good vibes, high energy, live instruments, singing and spectacular high quality productions with a singers and instrument from all over the word.

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