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Different Reality - Italy

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Dj SiR, is Diego Ottani from Bologna. At the age of 12 he begins to play the drums until he
attends the first psytrance party which brings him closer to electronic music, so much so that at
17 he retraces his steps, abandons the instruments, buys his first console and starts mixing.
Now after so many years and a lot of apprenticeship the passion is still alive and finally SiR is
an established DJ. From an artistic point of view, SiR concentrates a large part of its efforts on
continuous and exaggerated musical research, listening and selecting hours and hours of new
productions every day. Mix everything with a clean and essential style but at the same time very
dynamic and with a strong impact on the listener. In 2009, he began organizing his first parties.
Today he is a point of reference for the Different Reality, T2H3E, Tekno Invasion & Kanapa
Festival projects as well as the founder of a Cannabis brand, but always alert when he gets
behind a console.

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