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Freaky Circus/Fantàsia Festival - Italy

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Axel is an electronic music dj and producer, mainly Psytrance. He also is an events planner. 

He comes into contact for the first time with the world of psytrance undergound parties at a young age and is immediately fascinated by it. 

He soon started to collect music and organise his first parties in central Italy.

In 2014 he founded the Freaky Circus crew with which over time hosted and shared the stage with artists from all over the world, thus forming his musical culture. 

His style is eclectic and is not defined in just one genre. 

Axel loves the day as well as the night, the sun as well as the moon, which is why his selections range from the darkest to the brightest sounds! The tracks are always selected on the spot and never prepared beforehand, this allows him to shape his dj sets by adapting them to the vibration of the dancefloor as well as allowing direct contact with who is dancing. 

After years attending festivals and free parties around Europe, with the intention of realising his ideal of Festival, in 2018 he founded the Fantàsia Festival project.

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