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Solar Light /Fantàsia Festival - Italy

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Dj orion starts very early his life-adventure through psytrance music world,: when he was only 14 years old he started taking part to the first parties, where soon he got amazed and astonished by the typical kind atmospheres, where decos and music create a parallel complete psychedelic world. He immedialtey got familiar with the psytrance movement and he started attending many goa parties all around, where he started getting his first musical experiences. In 2008, he takes part of the Quarion tribe ,a group of friends who have been already organizing parties already for years and he starts playing and mixing , creating his own personality and music style. He starts getting known around and emerges inside the music background, which will soon become a true way of living based on life values. He never gives up and wants to improve himself and his full-on set over and over again,year by year, selecting by his very personal choice tracks thanks to which people is completely transported on the floor ,thanks to a deep amazing bass that makes you shake and at same time some light trance melodies, that suddenly gets into your mind, creating a very transporting trip made up of intense vibration and happiness. This style and believe will lead him to play at many international parties all over Italy such as Sonica Festival, Blackmoon festival, Human evolution festival, 7 chackras festival, Wao Festival, Atlas Festival, Libereuforie , The ritual... where everytime his set and music is greatly appreciated by the crowd.

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