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Quarion Tribe - Italy

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Edoardo Bordoni a.k.a. Dodo3 born in Florence in 1988.

At the age of 14 he moves to Marche starting his psytrance experience. In 2004, with some friends, Dodo founded Quarion Tribe to begin organizing parties into the woods of central Italy. In the beginning, the enviroments were abandoned places like lost rural areas or under construction motorways. First parties told about the disappoint of the group for the extreme mistreatment of the nature there inMarche due to the work in progress for the build of a motorway. Libereuforie was the first big successful celebration in a mountain cottage property. After this party an underground movement starts in the area, and it led a lot of djs and producers to join to collab…between the others Rinkadink, Lamat, Bitkit, Digicult, Parasense, Mad Max, Conwerter, Lunarave, Emov,Sunday Light…

Dodo3 grows his historical psychedelic music culture collecting many books of original CDs, playing sets, also with vinyls, with agood skill in mixing. He played across years in the best italian events, in Spain, UK, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Turkey, Swiss.

During winter season of 2006, thanks to the local people support, he began to make also indoor parties at Verve Club, a 30 years old alternative club nearby the town of Pesaro. The venue in few time became the reference point for winter psychedelic parties in italy. Those years, Quarion collaborated with crews like Orbital Tribe, Believe, Evolution, then labels like Harmonia, Free Spirit, Dacru, Bhooteshwara, Sonica festival, Ayata festival, Novas incident, Blackmoon festival etc

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