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Dub Harp (real name Pasquale Lamberti) is an eclectic

artist and plays various instruments. He represents a musical journey that started in the muddy yet fertile waters of the Mississippi Delta to wind up at Jamaican yard music and the dance floors of modern European sound systems. Dub Harp's musical travels dug its roots in the blues music of the American cotton plantations and, passing through the Jamaican sugar fields, arrived at the present-day UK post industrial sound. Dub Harp is a musical melting pot of blues, roots reggae, dub and dubstep, which mixes past, present and future projections of black music in terms of both rhythm and beat. Pasquale Lamberti, aka Dub Harp, started his musical career as a guitarist, harmonica player and lover of blues music. His love of blues and black music in general led him to breach the borders of this genre and arrive at roots reggae and dub. This evolution was solidified in a brief experience as guitarist in the Neapolitan backing band Roots Defender Band, who see him as co-writer of one of the band's releases for the Bababoom Hi-Fi (RUMORS) sound system. This in turn led him to play in public with the veteran Jamaican singer Earl Sixteen. After this, he concentrated on experimenting with the blues sound, in  particular that of the harmonica, in the modern musical contexts of UK digital dub and French dub and became Dub Harp. This has resulted in powerful sessions , releases and collaborations with some of the top artists in both the national and international scene such as Danny Red, Vibronics,Alpha Steppa,Radikal Guru, Social Bass , Bababoom Hi-Fi, Dub Engine, Michael Exodus, Mystical, Powa, Sun Weed, DIGITRON and more .

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