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Digital Om - Serbia

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Middle Mode is a project initialised by Jovan Tot and Ivan Jovicic from Serbia, two friends who have cooperated since their early beginnings first as DJs until their mutual appreciation of psychedelic music grew into a desire to begin sonic experiments in the studio.Their debut single 'Age of Change' on the well known TesseracTstudio label gave their project wide acclaim, right away bringing the project in the spotlight with their unique sound. Following that there has been no stopping with releases on top quality labels including IONO Music, Digital Om, BMSS, YSE etc. and collaborations and remixes with the top names in the industry.Middle Mode's music is filled with spirituality, mysticism, groove reminiscent of old Goa Trance with modern production qualities. Their original sound sets them apart from the rest with a more twisted psychedelic style at the same time maintaining a strong melodic framework which works on any given dance floor.

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