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Blacklite Rec./Merkaba Crew - Italy

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Hi, my name is Claudio Mantoan aka PurioDj, i was born in Italy 10 May 1985,

I have know psytrance music in 2002 and from there i fell in love. After a lot of parties and festivals i decided to start playing, so,my project was born in 2009 in a piedmont's valley (Italy). I love to play fullon morning, night and psychedelic, it depends by the time table.

In 2011 i founded MERKABA CREW and we have collaborated with a lot of italian and international crew (Psytronic, Looney moon, Blacklite recorsd, Shanti, Odyssee festival, Wao festival, Quarion tribe, Semantik Om, Pobic crew, Trancemission Old school project, and more).

We organize musical and cultural events, with art gallery, work shop and ofter with all types of psytrance music! I am also the manager of Taurus Connection festival, which is celebrated in may. Furthermore i played in a lot of events: Wao Festival (Italy) - Own Spirit Festival (Spain) - Sonica Festival (Italy) - Atlas Festival (Italy) - 7Chakras (Italy) - Over Drive (Japan) - Odyssee (Berlin)- Future Nature Festival (Croazia) - Moon Montain Festival (Thailand) - Ban Sabay Club (Ko Phangan Thailand) - Rotta su Goa Festival (Italy) – Geotermica (Italy) in other party indor and outdor, for different crew; in Europe and many south and north Italy.

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