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Simone Patti, alias Sealow, was born in 1993 in Rome, and it is precisely in the fertile underground environment of the capital that he will find, years later, the necessary inputs to embark on a musical journey of his own, made up of upbeat rhythms and powerful Caribbean basses, progressions New Soul and a language inevitably influenced, on the one hand, by the world of Rap, and on the other by the important current of Italian songwriting. After having further broadened his horizons with the founding of the "" collective, a 360-degree portal dedicated to the world of Reggae music and its derivations supported by a Web Radio where, still today, Sealow broadcasts weekly, and an important apprenticeship, the Roman singer launches into the release of a series of singles together with the producer "GulRIE" which will lead him to refine his unique and personal style, in which we can find a small piece of each stage of his journey, but always with a new facet. In 2020 he joined the roster of the "'Macro Beats" label (already a label and launch pad for artists such as Ghemon, Mecna and CRLN) with which he released his first official album in the autumn of the same year: "Onde".

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