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Bom Shanka Music - France

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Synthetik Chaos is Yan, a French psytrance music producer ,His influences come from differents kinds of music (mainly electronical) such as: Aphex Twin, Slide, Richard Devine, Nick Taylor, Ministry, Droid Sect, Sonic Youth etc........
all this influences & many experimentations in the lab results in a combination of heavy twisted basslines & electroid rhythms, psychedelics soundz & weird noises, with always in mind to keep the dance floor as a recreation ground!

He has already released some tracks on several labels including, Pixan, peak,sangoma, and has collaborated with some killa artists such as Rev ,Electrypnose, Dirty Saffi, asimilon.... he perform in many countries in europe & around the globe(japan,usa,russia,costa rica,canada,brazil,mexico,cyprus,dubai,uk,germany,italy,croatia etc..... ) his debut album Kagura was released in 2019 on bom shanka music his home label since 10 years!

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