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Pixan Recordings - Italy

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Tskun aka Tommy Vecchiarelli is a musician and electronic music producer from Italy. After a few years of djing as member and co-founder of psychedelic trance crew Quarion Tribe and electronic music duo Psynetika, he converged a fast and a dark psychedelic flow, cutting edge production techniques and a traditional music background to create the solo project Tskun, first time live in 2015.

Currently part of Pixan Recordings, he released the first EP in 2019 and he has collaborated with many artists of the scene, releasing on labels such as Sangoma Records, Woo-Dog Recordings, Samaa Records, Horrordelic, D Noir and more. Furthermore, he works on many side projects including Fluxwarp and the techno oriented Tommy Ertz, constantly evolving his style.

Over the years he has performed at local psytrance festivals such as WAO and Human Evolution, and many parties around Italy and Europe.

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