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Green Tree Rec. - Italy

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Dayalix aka Giovanni Biagioni borns in Italy in 1984. Attening clubs and parties since very young, he gets fascinated by electronic music starting an house music project within Reason sequencer featuring a Korg Electribe and a Roland Fantom. Later he passes to cubase and begins a DJ experience in his area. Then he moves to psytrance as "Dayalix", an original brand of twilight/groovy full on with deeply rhythmical elements…Showing a Live Set with Ableton and a groove box. In 2006 he joins Quarion Tribe, performing with acts like Lamat, Menog, Mad Maxx also at big events like Black Moon and Human Evolution. In 2008 he starts with his friend Tommy (Tskun) the side project Psynetika, closed in 2014.

In recent years and now , production has been resumed as Dayalix in Green tree Records by pursuing new, full on,twilight, progressive project that are evolving.

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