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Starry skies, breathtaking views and large spaces in the shade of majestic oak trees. The location of the Festival is the ideal place for camping in a tent. You can set up your own or book an already set up "Glamping Tent". If you prefer to be comfortable, in a room with bathroom, you can stay in one of the rooms of the B&B directly on location.

Glam Village

The “Glam Village” is a small enchanted village, set up in the quietest and most peaceful area of the park.

A new concept developed to make the festival experience more accessible by approaching users of all ages, families with children or those who simply want to enjoy being together, immersed in nature, without giving up any type of comfort. They are furnished and equipped with mattresses for each guest, clean sheets and pillows.

The Glam Village is particularly suitable for those people who do not want to give up comfort and who are looking for a quieter situation within the Festival.


Fantàsia Camping

The camping during the Festival is a village that the participants themselves create. It's the place where new friends are made, where connections are born. During the days of the festival it will be possible for participants to camp freely in the designated areas of the park. 

It will be possible to camp on location from the day before the start of the Festival and it will be possible to stay up to two days later!

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