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Our set of “Mind” activities are designed to fuel growth by developing conscious team unity. These activities encourage the development of consciousness, reflection and emotional connection, through play and teaching!



The Argilla workshop is a place of creativity and craftsmanship, where the art of mixing, shaping and baking come together to create unique and beautiful works of art. In this environment, artists and potters strive to discover and develop their technical and creative skills, transforming the earth into invaluable works of art. From mixing to cooking, every step is important to create unique and lasting pieces, which reflect the essence of the artist and his vision of the world.

Cooking Match

The cooking competition is a fun and engaging experience that gives participants the opportunity to showcase their cooking skills and collaborate with their teammates. In this cooking challenge, participants will be joined by chefs, who will help them create fascinating and well-presented dishes to impress the jurors.

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Workshop participants will have the opportunity to create small bracelets

leather bags or pouches.

From a theoretical point of view, part of the workshop will be dedicated to explaining and

to the use of the relevant equipment, historical excursus will be made regarding the

material and the processing itself and it will also be explained how to obtain e

use leather from old clothing items.


The tailoring and costume workshop is a fun and engaging experience that tests the originality and imagination of the participants. In this creative and collaborative environment, participants learn basic costume design techniques while working alongside a clothing sculptor, using old fabrics and materials to create unique and innovative clothing.

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Xilografia .webp


The workshop will provide a basic guide to using gouges for engraving on MDF panels. Later you will be shown how to print your own woodcut on paper using printing ink.

Furthermore, some technical and historical notions about the xylo will be explained. The paper on which to print will be made available, small MDF panels, the

engraving gouges, ink, roller and spoon for printing.

Wild herbs

The wild herbs laboratory focuses on the study and identification of herbs that grow spontaneously in nature. The course aims to teach participants to recognize and understand the properties and benefits of wild herbs, offering useful knowledge in different areas, such as agriculture, traditional medicine and environmentalism.

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