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Spirit is a nurturing aspect of the human being, achieving harmony and wisdom through acceptance and creation. Our set of "Spirit" activities is designed to help individuals discover and develop their spiritual essence, creating a collective unity and detect the spiritual experience.


Sound Healing

The Sound Healing workshop is a unique and immersive experience that takes participants on a journey through their unconscious, harnessing the healing properties of frequency vibrations. In this workshop, participants are guided to explore their deepest feelings and emotions, vibrating the cells of their body and spirit thanks to sound.


The Origami workshop is a fun and educational experience that leads adults and children to discover and develop their creative and manual skills together. Through the exploration of folding and folding techniques, participants create three-dimensional and unique models using only paper, in an environment of learning and fun.

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Metabolic walking

The guided exercise that makes you reborn, an activity suitable for everyone in nature thanks to wireless headphones, you will be helped to give your best, simple exercises that you will repeat at your own pace wherever you want, rediscovering your best psychophysical form. The union of fitness and holistic, with a simple tool that will facilitate postural rebalancing.


The meditation laboratory led by a psychotherapist is a serene and dedicated environment where people can practice and learn meditation techniques under the supervision of a qualified professional. In this setting, the psychotherapist guides individuals through simple and accessible meditation exercises, ensuring that these techniques become an integral part of their daily lives.

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