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Freddie Stork, Roman producer who since 2015 has been working with various national and international artists of the Dub scene. He has spread his vibes in many events and festivals such as the Bababoom, the Dubstone, the Bass Forest, the Manuel Dub, and finally also the Dubquake in Geneva. His first album "Dub Inna Di Brain" was entirely self-released, while his second "Arcadia" is produced by Bass Pirates Records and mastered by Billyman of Rupa Rupa Records. So far there are also many other singles available on BandCamp, and many other collaborations and Remixes such as those with Rankin Delgado, Hi Shine, and many others ... Accompanied by Amparito MC a.k.a. The Singin' Cricket, a great voice with whom he has been collaborating artistically for some years, will come to represent the Astarbene Family, all surrounded by Original Dubplates.

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