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Mr. Joint Selecta born in 1991 began his career as a dj in 2008, first as a selecta playing and organizing evenings with the collaboration of Livin Faya Sound. Shortly thereafter he joined Natural Mystic Sound who had been a resident at Bazooka Skate Park for some time. With them begins his real career as a DJ and promoter, which thus leads him to have collaborations initially with the Perugian sounds of his city such as: I-SHENCE, BASHFIRE, TRIGGAFINGA, DJ DINAMITE, FARISAN HI-FI, KING LANZI , MASADA, ZIONET, LAKE'S SOLDIERS, WHITE RHYMES. To then expand and have collaborations with guests from outside such as: BOOM DA BASH, KRS ONE, SUD SOUND SYSTEM, HEAVY HAMMER, MELLOW MOOD, BRUSCO, GINKO, RAINA, PEKOZ, LION D, RAS TEWELDE, RAPHAEL, ATTILA, FORELOCK, INNA CANTINA, CHANTELLE, ASANTE AMEN, TAHNEE, ONE LOVE HI POWA, SENTINEL, PAKKIA CREW, VIRTUS, BIZZARRI, DJ AFGHAN, KALYWEED, PUSHMAN, PLATA, SOUTHBOYZ, KAYA MOVES, JUNIOR V, ENNA MASSIVE, CALIGULA, SEALOW, KALIBANDULU, DJ SHABLO, BASSI MAESTRO, ONE MIC, DJ DELTA, DJ DOUBLE S, EMIS KILLA, ROMANIAN RAP, BABAMAN, SERIOUS THING, CALABASH, ZIZZE, DOUBLE SPLIFF, SHABADÀ, RANKING DELGADO, SPERLA, SISTA AWA and many more.. Thus created a name in the Perugia scene as selecta manages to play in various clubs in the Umbrian capital such as NORMAN, BAZOOKA, KANDINSKY, LIDO, AFTER LIFE, URBAN, 100DIECI, REWORK, THE CIRCLE CLUB, JACADIS, KICKAPOO. Starting as a simple experiment the long-established collaboration with the first Perugian singer managed to be produced by the well-known Italian reggae label BIZZARRI RECORDS, the debut album of LA JENA 'SENZA ODIO' produced by Marco Evangelista THE MAGISTA, mix & master BIGTUNE STUDIO inside feat by LION D and RAS TEWELDE. The album can be purchased on I-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon, La Casa del Rap, Feltrinelli, Mondadori. Together with the brothers, he promotes reggae culture by bringing live artists from the Italian scene to the main clubs in the Perugia area, ting call #BLAZEUP. Since 2015 ambassador for the Bababoom festival, resident dj of the Paxos reggae festival in Greece and resident dj of the Grabba Dub in Les2Alpes in France.

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