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Reflex Reality - Italy

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Aurelio C., aka Ouroboros, is a Sicilian DJ originally from Catania. In 2012 he discovered Psy-Trance and immediately began exploring the culture associated with it. Fascinated by the values ​​at the basis of this movement and moved by the impulse to spread this music and culture in the Sicilian territory, he began working as a DJ. In 2014 he tries his hand at organizing parties in the province of Catania, thanks to which he meets artists and enthusiasts with whom he begins to create an organizational group. At the end of the same year he follows the "Hi-tech Lab" music production course in Rome, which allows him to perfect himself on an artistic level. He is one of the main founders of Reflex Reality, a cultural association born in 2015 with the aim of organizing events related to psychedelic music and art in Sicily. He has played in different festivals and parties, such as Black Moon, Solar Light, Aureus Festum, Festivart, Arriri, Panacea, Apeiron.

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