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Square Lab Music - Italy

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Massimiliano Vian, in art Winny, was born in Venice in 1985.

He starts to play techno with 2 old recordplayer in 2002 and three years later he gets to know Psytrance Music. His concept of suond in any djset follows experimental and avant-garde ways of music, and is the result of many years of different experiences and much experimentation with different kind of music geners. Now his dj sets can count with four main tendencies>

✺ Darkpsy: with an organic - futuristic forest sound and hi-tech and cyberdelic elements ;

✺ Psytrance: twisted and groovy, with a touch of hi-tech sound design.

✺ Progressive: rich in mechanical grooves and psychedelic / sci-fi atmosphere.

✺ Techno: the most introspective set, deep an obscure, industrial and hypnotic trip.

There are even influences from IDM, Post-Industrial, Rythmic Noise and Glitch music.

Organizer of several underground psytrance parties, mainly in the North/Center of Italy, along his way into the psychedelic world, he play in festivals like Modem, Freqs of Nature, Atman, Own Spirit, Aluna Ritual, Wao festival, 7Chakras, Human Evolution, Festival for life, Modular Dimension and many more.

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